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Giving to Trinity Heights Church

How to Give?

Give online securely one-time or on a recurring schedule.

Give Online

Send donations to – there are no deductions or fees. Zelle is available with all major banks and is compatible with Chase Quickpay and most bank mobile pay systems.

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You can give via check (“Trinity Heights Church”) or cash through our offering box available at every Sunday service. To claim tax deductions on your annual return for cash donations, please put cash in an envelope with your full name on it.

Why Do We Give?

Giving is an expression of a vibrant spirituality that says to God we trust you and are utterly dependent upon you. It is also a way to reflect the loving and generous character of our God to the world around us. Our generosity grows out of a recognition that everything we have is a gift from God entrusted to us for a time. Therefore we want to use the resources we are given wisely to participate in and celebrate what God is doing in the world.

How Much Should I Give?

In the Old Testament, believers were required to give a tenth of their income to the support of the ministry and the needs of the poor. The New Testament teaches that we should give as we are “able and even beyond [our] ability” (2 Corinthians 8:3). For some people 5% would be a sacrificial expression of generosity and for others 10% won’t be enough to express generosity. Everything in life that we want to excel in requires practice and giving is no different. Therefore, the tithe (10%) could be seen as a kind of minimum guideline that helps us practice for the times when we need to be really generous.

Non-Profit Status

We are incorporated as a church with the State Of New York, and have 501c3 status from the IRS because we are a church. All your contributions are tax deductible. Please see page 2 on the link below if you would like more information about IRS treatment of churches.