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You Can’t Ask That Series

Starting Sunday, January 20th at 11 am for 9 weeks, we invite you to join us as we explore some of the most frequent questions and objections we have about the Christian tradition.

Week 1 – January 20: How do You Know its Not All BS?
Isn’t Christianity just blind faith?

Week 2 – January 27: Jesus or Oprah?
There are plenty of great moral teachers to choose from, how is Jesus any different?

Week 3 – February 3: On Being Narrow Minded
No one has the monopoly on truth, so why do Christians make exclusive and excluding claims?

Week 4 – February 10: Einstein’s Biggest Blunder
While science deaths with facts, doesn’t father deal with wild speculation?

Week 5 – February 17: Dan Brown and the Books the Church is Trying to Hide
Why were the Gnostic gospels excluded from the Bible? Is it because the authorities saw the as too politically and socially subversive?

Week 6 – February 24: Goodness without God
Atheists are often kinder than the religious people I know, so why do I need God to be good?

Week 7 – March 3: We Suffer So There is No God
How could a good, all-powerful God allow so much suffering?

Week 8 – March 10: Doesn’t the Church Just Want to Stop Me Having Sex?
The church is just a bunch of prudes who want to take the joy out of life.

Week 9 – March 17: Brunch Mezzanine
This Sunday, join us for table discussions over brunch. This is an opportunity to join in lively conversation and share our own thoughts on the topics we have looked at in the series.